Fight COVID-19 with Cleanliness

Coronavirus pandemic has locked everyone inside the home. People are following social distancing measures by avoiding unnecessary visits to the outdoors. Many companies have started work from home operations so that their employees can stay healthy and keep working at the same time.

When all the families are spending extended time at home, it may be quite challenging to manage cleanliness at home. But we need to understand the importance of hygiene and proper cleaning practices for keeping our loved ones safe from Covid-19 attack. Even if your office is operational during this pandemic, it is important to maintain adequate cleaning over there as well.

Choosing the right janitorial service provider:

Well, we understand that handling all cleanliness procedures may be complicated for most of you these days. Moreover, the selection of right products and procedures to ensure complete safety from virus attack is crucial. In this scenario, professional cleaning services may play an essential role.

The professionals at All Pro Cleaning platform are making efforts to help their clients live in a healthy and hygienic environment. These professionals have years of experience in this sector, and they are ready to assist you with top-notch maid service. You can rely on their cleaning solutions and janitorial services that lead to complete viral removal from your home. 

Medical health experts have already given their guidelines regarding the spread of the virus. It does not just travel from an infected person to a healthy person; rather, at the same time, the virus can stay on objects and surfaces for several hours. It means it can also spread through contaminated surfaces. In this scenario, every homeowner needs to maintain adequate sanitization of entire premises. But if you follow the wrong procedures for cleaning, the virus may even infect those involved in the cleaning process.

Reliable cleaning solution:

In this scenario, professionally trained experts can help you better to manage your home. They follow adequate procedures to disinfect all the surfaces and objects. The best part is that all these cleaning service providers are background checked and referenced. You can trust their services.

Furthermore, the experienced professionals at All Pro Cleaning platform make use of green cleaning solutions so that your kids and pets can stay healthy. They are more dedicated to ensures complete satisfaction to the clients while maintaining an incredible range of services.

Book an appointment now for home cleaning:

When you are looking for efficient Covid-19 cleaning services, the professionals at All Pro Cleaning platform can serve you better. They can also suggest you best practices for routine hygiene management. You can also hire these professionals for cleaning your commercial spaces, gardens, landscapes, yards, and recurring residential home cleaning as well. Other than this, they are experts in handling exterior window cleaning, roof cleaning and pressure washing services. You can call these professionals right now to book an appointment for a wide range of cleaning services. They are ready to serve clients with top-notch cleaning procedures.

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Why Should You Choose AllPro Cleaning?

Why choose us?

If we are asked to name one prized possession that we will prioritize over everything else in our lifetime then it inevitably has to be our homes. Therefore, looking after it and ensuring that its integrity is not compromised with under any circumstance whatsoever is inevitably our responsibility. Many homeowners are of the opinion that the recourse of thoroughly cleaning their homes is something they should resort to only when there’s an occasion and a bunch of guests is expected to arrive. However, this concept is far from being true. Much like other material things, your property too, calls for regular vacuuming and maintenance to enhance its appearance and hygiene and eventually, boost its value for the coming years.

While this might seem like an easy task that can be taken care of single-handedly, the reality is quite the opposite. Whenever one comes across the term “home cleaning”, his/her immediate instinct is to relate it with interior scrubbing and polishing. But, the crux of the matter is, deep house cleaning is a multi-layered process, and inexorably require professional assistance. There are essentially three reasons supporting this assertion of ours:

  1. Both the interior and exterior of the house should be attended with equal diligence.
  2. Most homeowners do not have the required set of tools and cleansing agents that would actually be fruitful and retain the effects of deep cleaning for long.
  3. Using powerful chemicals and detergents without proper safety gear can make way for innumerable health risks for the entire family.

Now that you are familiar with the fact that a professional service provider is the most imperative component of your home as far as your plans of cleaning your home or office are concerned, let us furnish you with a few reasons that explain why you should choose us. The truth that there are several competent options like ‘Merry Maids’ that you can choose from cannot be denied but, here are some factors that distinguish us from the rest.

  • Credibility

The most crucial aspect that should be taken into consideration when opting for janitorial service is credibility. It is our experience and understanding of this industry that is prompting us to assure that we will be able to predict all your needs and anticipations pertaining to recurring cleaning with sheer accuracy and deliver you with the best results. We are fully accountable for the amenities we provide and ensure that the equipment and products used are eco-friendly and most importantly, innocuous. Furthermore, our workers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured thereby, confirming full-proof liability.

  • Cost

Considering that out-and-out interior cleaning and exterior cleaning takes place over an elaborate and repetitive course of development, you cannot end your search on a company that charges a bomb for every individual service. We understand that not everyone has the same budget to work with and this is what has impelled us to keep the rates of our services within a check. The overall cost for both residential and commercial cleaning is influenced by a string of distinct elements such as the number of times it has been cleaned previously, the area of the property, the size of the cleaning troupe, materials, and tools required and the like. As opposed to the other establishments, we do not club our services together because that way, our customers might have to end up paying for facilities that they have not availed. In fact, it is up to you to decide the span you want to book our services for and the kind of cleaning that should be focused on for the time being.

  • Wide range of services to choose from

Another feature that has helped us add a feather on our hat is that our company covers a wide range of versatile cleaning services. You can have specific requisites or request for a deep cleaning session for the entire house; all of it will be persistently taken care of by us. Whether it is as simple as window cleaning, intricate as fridge cleaning and organization, or extensive as wood-floor cleaning and waxing, we are here at your disposal. Here’s a sneak-peek into our catalog of services:

  • Landscaping
  • Maid service
  • Yard mowing and trimming
  • Yard cleaning and hauling
  • Recurring residential home cleaning
  • Exterior residential window washing
  • Roof cleaning
  • Gutter and downspout cleaning
  • Surface soft washing and pressure washing
  • Garage and store-room cleaning and organization
  • Wardrobe/closet cleaning and organization
  • Tile and grout sealing
  • Pet odor and urine treatment
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • In-home laundry

Well, if you still think we are missing out on something and your cleaning needs demand some other form of service, you can communicate it to us and we will customize our aids for your satisfaction.

  • Safety

Speaking of residential cleaning, we cannot emphasize this point enough. As responsible service providers, we cannot turn a blind eye to the burning issues of the present day that have compelled everyone around the world to do their bit for their improvement. The health of our customers and the environment matters to us the most and that’s fairly why we can make certain that the products we use are devoid of harmful chemical components. Nonetheless, if we are at all obligated to turn to these hazardous compounds, we will inform you before-hand so that you can make arrangements for the kids and pets of your family to vacate the house while it is being cleaned.

  • Time

Lastly, we let our patrons determine how much time they can offer us to complete the cleaning tasks. If you think the venture will take too long, you can spread out the job over a couple or more days. We will help you synchronize your plans and make the most out of the time you have booked us for. Additionally, you will be spared from the additional hassle of committing to us as there is no contract required prior to or after we have ensued our services.

Respectable and Dependable…365. #thatsallpro. Book an appointment at today and let us fulfill your cleaning needs.

Superior Interior and Exterior Home Cleaning

Considering the ever-hectic life that the 21st-century world has subjected us to, we are always on the go with hardly any time to spare. Chores like deep home cleaning that deserve to be attended every day have now become a weekly affair. However, even if you manage to scoop out some time from your frantic schedule to be consecrated to these affairs, we are quite certain that by the end of the day you will be drained of all your energy, leaving you with a deep sense of regret as to why did you choose to take up this errand all by yourself. 

This is when the services of an interior and exterior home cleaning company come to play. Besides lending assistance to people short of time and energy, these service providers can essentially furnish homeowners with results that are characterized by the virtues of credibility, finesse, and superiority. Moreover, we are of the opinion that even if you have all the required resources for interior and exterior home cleaning at place, it is still wiser to let the professionals handle it. In the following section, we will be jotting down some of the most flagrant benefits of opting for top-quality interior and exterior home cleaning. 

  • Your home is thoroughly cleaned 

Seldom does a homeowner care to clean both the interior and exterior of his apartment on the same day and that too with similar levels of enthusiasm. Nevertheless, professionals who are well-equipped with the necessary set of tools and cleaning fluids will ensure that each and every corner of your compound is thoroughly scrubbed including the intricate and inaccessible areas such as attics, false ceilings, exhaust pipes, nook and corners of the kitchen cabinets and such others. Additionally, bear in mind that cleaning the exterior of your house with plain water can never be sufficient; in order to keep your premises safe from the invasion of deadly rodents and insects, they should be treated with special formulas at least once every season. 

  • Can save a lot of money 

Relying on DIY techniques to extensively clean your home might not always work in your favor because not all substances you use are meant to increase the longevity of the piece of furnishes they are used on. This implies that you will have to procure distinct cleaners to comply with the features and constraints of the objects they are used on. Evidently, the complete collection will cost you a bomb, and on top of that, you will not even be assured of the eminence of the outcome. This is fairly the reason why, instead of taking the excruciating route of home cleaning, leave on the experts like maid service who have been in this field of work for years now. 

  • Increases the value of the house 

If you have plans of selling your house or renting it out sometime in the future, focusing on both interior and exterior cleaning becomes imperative as such routine tidying is meant to enhance the appeal and consequently increase the property’s value. For instance, if you are looking forward to gutter cleaning, it is rather understandable that you alone will not be able to fulfill the musts because it evidently involves a lot of elaborate stages and is most importantly, time-consuming. Home cleaning specialists at AllPro Cleaning on the other hand, proficiently mop and vacuum every spot of the house without causing any trouble to people in the other rooms. It is up to you to decide the date and time and the team of professionals will reach your place at the designated hour. 

Disinfecting Comes Standard

Due to COVID-19, many cleaning services have implemented disinfecting “hot areas” while cleaning. Here at AllPro Cleaning, we have ALWAYS disinfected a home or office as we cleaned it. As my mother used to say, there is a difference between an area seeming to be clean and actually being clean. We strive to provide exceptional cleaning and disinfecting services to all of our customers, and we always will. Book your professional cleaning from AllPro Cleaning today!